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Anlageschwerpunkt Lafayette Dalton Asia Pacific UCITS Fund - B2 EUR ACC

2.059,650 EUR
-16,770 EUR-0,81 %
2.059,650 EUR
2.059,650 EUR
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127,78 Mio. EUR
5,00 %
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1,44 %
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Zusammensetzung nach Branchen

InformationstechnologieFinanzenKonsumgüter zyklischRohstoffeEnergieIndustrieKonsumgüterGesundheitswesen
  • Informationstechnologie (29,1 %)
  • Finanzen (16,5 %)
  • Konsumgüter zyklisch (9,1 %)
  • Rohstoffe (6,0 %)

Zusammensetzung nach Land

  • Japan (22,3 %)
  • Indien (19,3 %)
  • Südkorea (17,4 %)
  • Taiwan (13,6 %)

Zusammensetzung nach Instrument

Alternative Investments
  • Alternative Investments (100,0 %)

Top Holdings zu Lafayette Dalton Asia Pacific UCITS Fund - B2 EUR ACC

Samsung Electronics (Technology)6,57 %
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (Technology)5,82 %
Macnica Holdings Inc (Technology)5,65 %
Accton Technology Corp (Technology)5,54 %
Meritz Financial Group Inc (Financials)4,14 %
Summe:27,72 %

Fondsstrategie zu Lafayette Dalton Asia Pacific UCITS Fund - B2 EUR ACC

The Dalton Asia Pacific L/S UCITS Fund's objective is to seek long-term capital appreciation and to generate absolute returns through a diversified portfolio of long and short positions in equity and equity related securities with a focus on the Asia Pacific region. Dalton Investments ('Dalton'), which manages about $2.5bn in assets within Asia out of $2.8 bn in total (as of 31 Mars 2020), emphasizes value investments; as such, its' investment process is based on bottom-up fundamental analysis that follows 3 steps: screening for qualitative traits and historical valuation, in-depth research and onsite visits and final assessment by James Rosenwald, as Portfolio Manager of the Dalton Asia Pacific UCITS Fund. Dalton typically looks to go long deep value opportunities, notably through companies that display strong alignment of interest, and short companies with declining catalysts. Macro-economic trends are also considered when allocating stocks between countries and sectors. Dalton's edge also lies in their risk management, concentrating on capital preservation and focused on a longer term investment perspective.