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Top Holdings zu Alma Platinum IV Selwood Market Neutral Credit - R1C-U USD ACC

Italien, Republik EO-B.T.P. 2014(24)
Anleihe · WKN A1ZN0X · ISIN IT0005045270
25,16 %
Spanien EO-Bonos 2019(24)
Anleihe · WKN A2R0VN · ISIN ES0000012E85
17,67 %
Spanien EO-Bonos 2013(23)
Anleihe · WKN A1HK7U · ISIN ES00000123X3
9,48 %
Italien, Republik EO-B.T.P. 2019(25)
Anleihe · WKN A2R8N3 · ISIN IT0005386245
6,96 %
Summe:59,27 %

Fondsstrategie zu Alma Platinum IV Selwood Market Neutral Credit - R1C-U USD ACC

The Fund provides access to a UCITS compliant version of the Selwood Market Neutral Credit Strategy managed by Sofiane Gharred and his team at Selwood Asset Management ('Selwood'). The strategy was launched in September 2015 and trades a single investment strategy focused on liquid credit indices within the investment grade credit space. It implements the strategy by investing in CDX and iTraxx indices, tranches of these, index options and single name CDS. The goal is to achieve a market neutral portfolio which has a positive carry and positive convexity. The strategy attempts to monetise the dislocation between the actual credit spread of the CDX and iTraxx index and that implied by the CDS of the underlying index components. There has been a persistent difference between these spreads since the indices were launched in 2004, largely due to the indices being used predominantly to hedge credit exposure. The team will buy CDS on the most risky single name credits in order to minimise the risk of default to the portfolio.