Redodo Prime Day promotion with up to 50% Off on LiFePO4 batteries and accessories from ¬47

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Redodo has launched Prime Day special promotion that runs until July 31. During this time, Redodo is offering discounts of up to 50% on LiFePO4 batteries and accessories such as chargers, inverters, MPPT and battery monitors. There are also numerous opportunities for additional discounts and gifts.

From today until July 21, all Redodo products will be offered at rock-bottom prices. During the period from July 21 to July 31, Redodo will offer deep discounts on some products.

The most remarkable product is Redodo LiFePO4 24V 100Ah solar battery with Bluetooth. This solar battery with Bluetooth can be connected to the Redodo app and can monitor the battery status in real time and control the discharge. A unique low temperature cut-off protects the battery from damage in cold conditions. The upgraded BMS offers over 20 protective functions, which significantly extends the life of the battery. Price is reduced to ¬535.99/¬450.99 (0% VAT). This is the lowest price for a high capacity Bluetooth Lithium battery on the market to date.

Receive extra discounts based on your order value:
Over ¬600, 3% Off.
Over ¬800, 4% Off.
Over ¬1000, 5% Off.

Plus, get a free 40A MPPT with orders over ¬1500.

Price of Redodo Prime Day LiFePO4 battery (July 8 - July 21):
12V100Ah LiFePO4 battery: ¬232,49/195,99(0% VAT)
(Reg. ¬269,99/¬226,99)
12V100Ah H190 LiFePO4 battery with Bluetooth: ¬295.99/248.99(0% VAT)
(Reg. ¬339.99/¬285.99)
12V200Ah Plus LiFePO4 battery: ¬483.99/406.99(0% VAT)
(Reg. ¬579,99/¬487,99)
24V100Ah LiFePO4 battery: ¬480.99/404.99(0% VAT)
(Reg. ¬559,99/¬469,99)

Redodo Prime Day accessories discounts (July 8 - July 21):
14.6V 10A Lifepo4 battery charger: ¬47.99 (Reg. ¬89.99)
2KW Inverter: ¬175.99/¬147.99 (Reg. ¬219,99/¬184,99)

For more product-related discounts, visit the official website.

Enjoy additional discounts and get a free charger.
Buy 4 pcs 12V100Ah series batteries, get free 12V20A charger.
Buy 4 pcs 12V200Ah series batteries, get free 12V40A charger.
Buy 4 pcs 24V100Ah or 24V100Ah with Bluetooth, get free 24V20A charger.

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Redodo is a leading brand of innovative lithium batteries known for their outstanding performance and reliability. With a strong focus on the needs of RV and outdoor power storage, Redodo continuously develops high-quality battery solutions that exceed customer expectations.

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