Original-Research: Vidac Pharma Holding Plc (von Sphene Capital GmbH): Buy

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Original-Research: Vidac Pharma Holding Plc - from Sphene Capital GmbH

Classification of Sphene Capital GmbH to Vidac Pharma Holding Plc

Company Name: Vidac Pharma Holding Plc

Reason for the research: Initiation of Coverage
Recommendation: Buy
from: 12.06.2024
Target price: EUR 4.90
Target price on sight of: 36 months
Last rating change: -
Analyst: Peter Thilo Hasler

Reversal of the abnormal metabolism of cancer cells
We initiate research coverage of the shares of Vidac Pharma Holding plc
with a Buy rating and a price target of EUR 4.90 (base case scenario). Our
price target is based on the assumption that Vidac Pharma will get approval
for its current core product VDA-1102-AK. We derive our price target from a
three-stage discounted cash flow entity model (primary valuation method).
In a Monte Carlo analysis, we have used alternative sales, earnings and
other KPI scenarios and calculate equity values in a range between EUR 4.04
and EUR 5.40 per share. Based on our capital and earnings estimates for
2028e-33e, an economic profit model-which we used as a secondary valuation
method-results in equity values of up to EUR 6.50 per share (discounted
with the cost of equity), with a clear upward trend over time, illustrating
the logic of a long-term investment in Vidac Pharma shares, in our view.
Established in 2012 by Dr Max Herzberg, one of the founding fathers of the
Israeli life sciences industry, Vidac Pharma is a clinical-stage
biopharmaceutical company specialising in oncology and oncodermatology
therapies. The therapies developed by Vidac Pharma aim to fight cancer by
reversing the abnormal metabolism of cancer cells. Clinical tests have
shown that the overexpression of hexokinase 2 (HK2) and its binding to
VDAC1 on the outer mitochondrial membrane of cancer cells is the key to
their metabolic reprogramming to anaerobic glycolysis, which enables tumour
cells to proliferate so drastically in the first place. An allosteric small
molecule that modifies HK2 so that it cannot bind to mitochondria can
therefore reduce glycolysis and induce apoptosis in cancer cells without
affecting HK1-expressing normal cells.
Currently, Vidac Pharma has two drugs in the development pipeline:
VDA-1102, an ointment for the topical, i.e. dermal treatment of patients
with actinic keratosis (AK)-a potentially premalignant disease of the skin
and main risk factor for the development of cutaneous squamous cell
carcinoma (currently in Phase 2b)-as well as for the treatment of cutaneous
T-cell lymphoma (currently in Phase 2a), and the active ingredient
VDA-1275, which is being developed for the systemic treatment of solid
tumours (currently in a preclinical Phase).

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Contact for questions
Peter Thilo Hasler, CEFA
+49 (152) 31764553

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