Qianjin Home Opens a New Chapter in Chinese Design

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On July 5th, the REVIVING CRAFT exhibition began at the Museum of Decorative Arts in France. Organized by Sun Media Group and China National Brand Network, this event brings together works from 40 artists and 20 Chinese exhibitors, showcasing China's intangible cultural heritage.

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exhibition zone of Qianjin Home (Photo: Business Wire)

Initiated by Yang Lan, president of Sun Media Group, and Su Dan, deputy director of the China Arts and Crafts Museum, the exhibition aims to present to the world the masterpieces of Chinese intangible heritage masters and contemporary designers. Yang Lan emphasized: "Cultural and artistic exchanges between China and France have a long history. This exhibition gives new life to cultural diversity and intercultural exchanges."

The exhibition is structured around the five traditional Chinese elements, illustrating the harmony between man and nature integrated into modern design.

Qianjin Home, founded in 2020, captivated visitors with its unique furniture. The brand creates furniture that combines utility and emotion, inspired by the lifestyle and aesthetic tastes of connoisseurs.

Qianjin Home presented its latest series of art furniture, merging traditional Chinese culture with contemporary innovation. The Mission E tea table, inspired by the lines of sports cars, uses solid wood for avant-garde aerodynamics. The flying tea table combines supercar aesthetics with traditional craftsmanship.

Other creations such as the Wudao tea table and the chaise longue inspired by Zaha Hadid demonstrate the integration of traditional materials and modern techniques. The Arabica coffee table, with its coffee bean-shaped legs, combines nature and sculptural art, while the Mobius dining table reflects the quest for beauty in solid wood craftsmanship.

REVIVING CRAFT has revitalized China's intangible cultural heritage and created a platform for intercultural exchange. For Qianjin Home, this event is an opportunity to demonstrate its design expertise and increase its visibility.

Qianjin Home remains true to its concept: "explore beauty, create beauty and enjoy beauty." The brand will continue to explore the integration of traditional craftsmanship and modern design to offer artistic furniture combining oriental charm and contemporary aesthetics, radiating traditional Chinese culture in today's world. Qianjin Home opens a new chapter in Chinese design.

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